Saturday, 9 July 2016

NYX Matte Lipstick Comparisons

If you didn't already know (although I'm sure you do) NYX has arrived in the UK! Their products are now available at Boots online and in many of their larger stores. As someone who can never have enough nude lipsticks (all equally necessary of course), I've recently purchased a mixture of shades from their different lipstick lines to compare their lasting power, finishes, and to see how matte they really are on the lips.

Soft Matte Lip Creams in Istanbul and Stockholm (6.5/10)

The Soft Matte Lip Creams have been around for years now, and with good reason. There's a huge range of 35 shades (in the UK), so you can find a colour to suit every mood and makeup look. I purchased Stockholm, a peachy brown nude, and Istanbul which is a pretty standard pink. The colour payoff is great too, and I like that you only need a couple of sheer layers to build up to complete opacity. However, the only downside of this if you are a religious liquid lipstick wearer is that these do not have the best longevity. I only manage to get 2-3 hours with these, but if I'm eating or drinking they need to be reapplied straight away. On the other hand, the benefit of that is that you can go over and lipstick that has clung on, without getting the flakiness and dry patches you typically find with liquid lipstick. For day to day use, it's great just to chuck in your handbag for an impromptu lipstick change.

Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Sandstorm and Soft Spoken (5/10)

I hate to say it, but out of all four lines these were a bit of a let down for me! But, before I get onto the cons, the shades I picked up are great. Sandstorm is very similar to Istanbul but a touch cooler and browner, whilst Soft Spoken is a dark mauve/brown. Despite this, I just couldn't take to the formula. It took about 20 minutes to dry matte, and once it was dried I still felt that there was a slight tackiness. The longevity was better than the soft matte lip creams though, and both shades lasted well through eating and drinking. I will still wear both colours, but this is definitely more satin than matte to me.

Matte Lipstick in Whipped Caviar (7.5/10)

This lipstick was the got a lot of hype when it was first released for being a close dupe to MAC's Faux (my favourite lipstick ever), so naturally I had to try it out. It is very similar to Faux, perhaps a touch more pink, but in person you really couldn't tell a difference. Considering that it is a lipstick in bullet form, it goes without saying that there will be a little bit more of a sheen, but I find this more comfortable for daytime use anyway. It's a really smooth, dare I say moisturising formula for a matte lipstick, and overall it's very comparable to some of high end lipsticks I own. Love!

Lip Lingerie in Bedtime Flirt (9/10)

The Lip Lingerie line is every beauty lover's dream. A collection of shades that are exclusively nudes to accommodate for every skin tone?! That's the dream right there. They have the lightest of baby pinks (babydoll) to a deep chocolate brown that I imagine would look stunning on women of colour (beauty mark). I only have one at the minute, which is Bedtime Flirt, a beautiful warm pink/brown nude. In terms of formulation, this is a traditional liquid to matte (as you can see in the least amount of shine in the swatches below). Although it dries completely matte, the texture is soft and creamy as opposed to liquid, and this makes for a much more lightweight feeling on the lips. With one coat, I didn't feel as if I had anything on, and it lasted a solid five hours. Out of everything this is my favourite NYX lip product by far, and if you're on the lookout for a flattering matte nude, look no further.

L-R Whipped Caviar, Soft Spoken, Sandstorm, Istanbul, Stockholm, Bedtime Flirt 


  1. I wanted to get the Nyx lingerie one but I've a really dark lips already and nude shades are a real struggle to find that will suit me.
    I'll give the darkest shade a go though �� xxxx

    Xxx Camille xxx

    1. Hi!

      Ahh yeah definitely have a look at the whole collection, Teddy and Beauty Mark are the darkest shades I believe, but there's so much variety I'm sure you can find something that will look gorgeous!

      Elle xxxx

  2. The Bedtime Flirt shade looks like such a gorgeous colour! I've been wanting to try some of these lipsticks for a while x

    1. Hi Paula, yeah it's one of those universally flattering colours, I love it! Can't wait to try some more out,

      Elle xxx