Thursday, 30 June 2016

A Body Shop Haul

Raise your hand if you love the body shop! I have so much appreciation and affection for the ethical nature of this company. It's just one of those brands that has a very universal appeal, and I love that you see women of all ages using their products. However, after I visited one of their larger stores last week, I noticed that they're becoming increasingly on trend with some of their new makeup and skincare lines. I've been trying everything that I purchased for a few days now, so I thought it might be useful to do a quick post showing you everything I picked up, and discuss my initial thoughts on each item.
Darkening Shade Adjusting Drops- £10.00
I think the Body Shop were really clever to come up with this type of product at a more high street friendly price. As most of you may know, Cover FX came out with their customising shade drops a while back to rave reviews, and whilst they are probably amazing, it's brilliant to have a budget option for those who want to alter the shade of their foundation. Speaking as a very fair person, I'm always buying the lightest shade available, so when I do get a little bit of redness colour in the summer months, this will come in handy. I've tried using it twice to contour with, as it's matte, but it does take slightly more effort than my usual cream contour kit to buff into the skin. If you're intending to contour with it, I'd recommend doing that underneath your foundation. They're also dermatologically tested and so suitable those like myself with sensitive skin.
                                                 Vitamin E Hydrating Face Mist-£9.50
In my mind, this is a bit like MAC Fix Plus in that it hydrates and refreshes your face, adding a slight dewiness to your makeup. You could probably use this in the morning after cleansing to rebalance and hydrate your face before makeup application, but my favourite method is to spritz it over after my makeup is complete. Overall, I really enjoy the pick me up that this little spray gives, but be wary of trying this if you're sensitive to scents, as it does contain rosewater.
Camomile Cleansing Butter-£13.00
This is the second tub of their cleansing balm I've bought, and it's quickly becoming my holy grail cleanser for sensitive but dry skin. It does everything I need my cleanser to do; it removes all of the dirt and makeup without stripping my face, nourishes the skin, and when used with a muslin cloth even helps to battle dry patches. I initially tried the Clinique Take the Day off Balm, which used to be my go to cleanser, but this has impressed me even more. It's suitable for those like myself with sensitive skin, and I truly can't recommend it highly enough as a gentle option for makeup removal.
Aloe Rescue Cream Mask- £14.00
Originally, I was going to pick up the Vitamin E mask, but after talking with the skincare advisor about my skin type (the customer service was so friendly and accommodating) she recommended that this would be more appropriate for me. The idea behind this mask is that it is catered towards reactive skins, as it aims to soothe redness and even 'build natural defences to irritation.' It's fragrance, colour, preservative and alcohol free, and you can sleep with a generous layer of it on overnight. The texture is in between a thick cream and a gel, and although I've only used it once, I do think that it has helped to reduce some of the red patches on my cheeks.
Facial Brush-£4.00

 If I had to describe this little brush, it's basically a very very stripped back, manual version of a
Clarisonic. I would only use this once a week with the cleansing balm, as the bristles could be a bit too rough for delicate skin, but it definitely gets the job done in terms of exfoliation. It also came with a little lid, and I love that for the hygiene element.
Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil- £16.00
This is pretty much summer in a bottle! Although it looks very full on and sparkly in the packaging, on the skin it transfers into a subtle golden shimmer. I'll definitely be taking this away on holiday with me over the summer months to give my legs and décolleté a much needed glow . It's perfect for those who want a sun kissed sheen without committing to the upkeep of fake tan, or you could definitely use it on top of your tan.
That's everything from my haul! What are your favourite body shop products?
Elle x


  1. The shimmering dry oil looks interesting!

    Nicole | In The Life of NM

  2. Yep it's perfect for the summer

    Elle ☺️